Sometimes there is no need to know where an artist is from or what their favorite color is. Sometimes all you need to do is simply experience the artist’s work because truly passionate artists will bare their soul to you. AMFORTE is one of those artists.  


So instead of writing a traditional biography, I think it is imperative to concentrate on the works of the artist.  


Gentle and emotive guitar strumming combined with a haunting mantra telling us that we have nothing concrete, AMFORTE emphatically pours her self-doubts and failed resolutions into the fan-favorite original song “Nothing Concrete.”


However, with the song “Are You Happy Now” AMFORTE mockingly challenges the listener as the jilted lover of a failed relationship. The racing punk inspired guitars in the Original Recorded version of this song, create a cacophonous roller coaster of rhythm that will have you bouncing to it in no time. 

The rest of AMFORTE’s work is also sure to strike a chord with listeners because she has the unique talent of relaying deeply personal experiences in a somewhat abstract sense. By doing this you identify with her and learn about her through your own similar personal experiences. This creates a unique bond between the musician and listener, which, in some ways, transcends the spoken word. This is the magic of music. This is AMFORTE.

AMFORTE was born to write original music across multiple genres. Each composition tells a story and most have memorable melodies with driving hooks and in different styles of music. Catch her live performances and you’ll quickly find out that she can move seamlessly from Blues, Jazz, Folk, Piano Ballads to EDM, you name it. Either Live & Acoustic to Live Tracks, you don’t want to miss it. 

​AMFORTE's Original Music has been played on Mainstream Radio including: 106.5FM "THE END", 99.7FM "The Storm", Good Sh*t Radio (Internet Radio) and ELC Radio (Internet Radio). Visit Spotify, Pandora, iTunes and Amazon for more of her music.

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